I like to create highly-detailed works of art that capture life and humanity. People, moments, ideas, conflicts and nightmares. Through my work I both celebrate the emotions of the human condition, and exorcise its demons. My overriding goal, when creating a new work, is to convey an emotion or a mindset using a human character to interract with the viewer. I like to create a conversation between the subject and the viewer, and use that conversation to attempt to speak directly from artist to audience.

My current body of work is somewhat inspired by portrait paintings from the Baroque period, using rich, bold, Earthy color and strong shadows to express drama, conflict, curiosity, seduction, ecstacy and happiness.

Paintings in the online gallery are created with acrylic paint, illustrations with carbon pencil, India ink, watercolor and gouache.

If you have any questions, please forward them to the artist.